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Carpet Cleaning Service (Truck Mount System):

American Classic Carpet Care uses the finest in truck mounted, hot water extraction equipment. Areas to be cleaned are pre-sprayed and pre-spotted to loosen dirt, grease and ground in grime. This application is followed by hot water injection and agitation followed by powerful vacuuming of the cleaned areas. Truck mounted extraction is the cleaning method most recommended by the major manufacturers of carpeting to get your carpeting really clean and to extend carpet life.

Upholstery Cleaning Service:

Upholstery gets dirty just as the carpeting does and should also be on a regular cleaning schedule. The cleaning process is very simple: Fabric is pre-tested for colorfastness and spots are pre-treated. The upholstery is then cleaned using warm water and a mild detergent applying light agitation followed by gentle vacuuming. Allow the upholstery to air dry naturally.

Drapery Cleaning Service:

We are careful to test drapery fabrics for compatibility before we begin the cleaning process. We clean drapes in-place using our special drapery extraction-cleaning wand. A mild detergent combined with a deodorizing agent is applied to the room side surface of the drapery and this is followed by gentle vacuuming of each pleat.
*Certain drapery products must be removed from the room and sent out for dry cleaning.

Odor Elimination / Smoking Conversion:

We are aware of the movement towards non-smoking environments in the lodging industry and we have assisted many hotels in meeting this demand. Smoking causes odors to become embedded in all fabrics in the room including carpet, bedding, upholstery, drapery and any other areas susceptible to odor-causing contaminants. We execute a very thorough process to remove all smoking odors from the room. The process is fast allowing very little down time to your valuable rooms.

Carpet and Fabric Stain Protectors:

We offer a variety of products to assist in protecting the investment in your carpet and drapery. Our stain protectors can help protect against dirt, grease, juices, food products, mud, and other stains that could permanently damage your carpet or fabrics.

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